Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teacher Week 2015: Sanity Savers

How is it Thursday already? And I can't believe it's September! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' again for Teacher Week!

In the back to school craziness, it is necessary for me to stay organized so every moment of the day can be productive. I went through a few weeks of not leaving school until 7pm, which just isn't sustainable. I've really been prioritizing getting out of the building at 5 and here are some of the things that help make that happen:

This year I am using an Arc planner. I love it because I can use my punch to punch anything I need to keep organized and in one place. Each week, I type up my plan overview using Dragonflies in First amazing planning tool. I was able to customize it to fit my needs in Excel. I also bought these daily to do lists from Blair Turner Paper. I love them for creating organized and prioritized to do lists each day.
After I create my plans each week, I make a list of all the copies I need. I picked up these stacking baskets at the Container Store this summer and I am using them to organize my copies for each day. Every Friday, all my copies are stacked here for the following week. I use the bottom basket for any extras we don't get to in case I am out or need a quick activity.
Another time saver I use is organizing all of my student files in hanging file boxes. Each hanging folder has several manilla files where I file away any tests, quizzes, reading assessments, or parent communication that I may need to reference. It is very convenient when I need to prepare for a meeting or conference about a student. I just pull the file and I'm ready to go!
My final Sanity Saver is one I use to keep myself organized during the day. I'm sure by now you have all heard of GoNoodle and if you haven't, sign up IMMEDIATELY. My kids need the movement break throughout the day and those 2-3 minutes allow me to clean up the classroom, organize materials, or distribute anything we need for the next block. I love GoNoodle!
I hope that some of the Sanity Savers help you. I'm looking forward to stealing all kinds of ideas during today's link up!

Happy Almost Friday!


  1. Love GoNoodle! We are really into Moose Tube this year!

    1. We love Moose Tube! Boogaloo is a class favorite right now.