Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teacher Week 2015: Favorite Subject

Here I am on Saturday trying to finish out #TeacherWeek2015 on a strong note. Sorry for the delay. There is no tired like Friday teacher tired! Plus I actually got to spend an evening with my boyfriend going out to dinner and FINALLY see AntMan. I couldn't believe it was still in theaters.

Anyway, Friday's link up was all about favorite subjects.

My absolutely favorite time of the day is READING WORKSHOP. From the quick mini-lesson to seeing my kids grow in their independent reading stamina to the share to close it out, I love how I get to see my firsties grow as readers day by day. Additionally, I love that during this time, I can provide small group and one-on-one conferencing so that each student is getting the exact feedback they need to improve their writing. 

Reading workshop is the one subject that NEVER gets "bumped" for something else because I love it so much!

That's it for Teacher Week 2015. Thank you to the wonderful teachers at Blog Hoppin' for hosting. 

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  1. I love my reading time as well. And firsties are my favorite. Such an important year.

    Literacy Spark